With some help from Spotify, famous pals, and a viral dance challenge, Drake has taken down a long-standing Beatles record.

Thanks to his guest slot on Bad Bunny’s “MIA,” which started at No. 5 on the Billboard Hot 100, Drizzy now has a 12th top 10 on the U.S. singles chart, the most by any act in history. The Canadian rapper busts the Beatles benchmark of 11, set back in 1964 when Beatlemania was sweeping the globe.

Drake’s big year includes three long stints at No. 1 in the U.S., with “God’s Plan” (11 weeks), “Nice for What” (eight weeks), and “In My Feelings” (11 weeks).

Beatles_ad_1965 black and white
Beatles, get back!

Make no mistake, those numbers are super-charged by streaming services, and in particular, Spotify. When Drake dropped his fifth and latest album Scorpion in late June, Spotify gave it an unprecedented push by splashing his face and music everywhere in its music store, as part of a so-called dedicated artist takeover. The plan was simple, effective, and excessive: Spotify would help Drake to break as many records as possible. And it worked.

The double LP went to No. 1 around the globe, and set the record in the U.S with the largest single-week ever for an album, by opening with 745.9 million on-demand audio streams. Earlier this month, Spotify celebrated its 10th anniversary by digging out some stats, with Drake crowned its top-streamed artist of all time.

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