Days after Nine Inch Nails began trialling a rather antiquated way of selling concert tickets where they’ll only be available physically, Ed Sheeran has begun doing his best to help fans avoid falling victim to scalpers, working with a team of promoters to identify and cancel the tickets purchased by known scalpers for his upcoming tour.

Inspired to act after tickets to a Teenage Cancer Trust gig were bought and sold for profit, the star has attempted to break new ground by cancelling tickets bought for his tour to ensure fans haven’t been suckered in to buying tickets at inflated prices from scalpers.

As the BBC reports, over 10,000 tickets to Sheeran’s current tour have been cancelled, with promoters identifying tickets bought by known scalpers, and cancelling any tickets listed for sale on controversial sites such as Viagogo.

Those who did buy tickets from a resale site have been given assistance in obtaining a refund and acquiring genuine tickets. So far, more than £240,000 ($AU425,571) has been returned to fans who purchased these invalid tickets.

“We’re achieving exactly what Ed wanted, which is ‘we want you to come in and pay this [fixed] price,'” said Stuart Galbraith of Kilimanjaro Live, noting that they also partnered with sites such as StubHub to ensure they didn’t list tickets to the tour. “The only agency which listed against our wishes and ignored all our correspondence was Viagogo.”