It’s quite surprising that Marshall Mathers didn’t parlay his star turn in 2002 drama 8 Mile into a successful Hollywood career (say what you will about his lyrical content, but the dude can act), instead treating the Oscar-winning film as a blip on his career, rather than a stepping stone to playing Jennifer Garner’s inept husband in a rom-com.

Maybe though, he was just waiting for another meaty battle-rap project to sink his teeth into. Marshall has now, some 15 years after his one shot, teamed up with music video director Joseph Kahn for a new comedy project named Bodied.

The film is being describe as a “rap satire” and will feature big-hitters such as  Anthony Michael Hall, Debra Wilson, and Charlamagne tha God. It premieres next month at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Check the trailer for Bodied, below.