To shine a light on all the incredible LGBTQI executives and creatives in our industry, TIO has teamed up with Wonder founder Matt Emsell (5SOS, Matt Corby) to launch an article series. We’ll ask industry figures and artists how their sexuality and gender identity has shaped their experiences in the Australian music business. And, of course, why marriage equality is important to them.

With the final day of the Same Sex Marriage Postal Vote happening on November 7, the music industry has an important role in the discourse playing out in the public space.

Below is our Q&A with Trent Titmarsh, Director, PR & Media at EMI Music Australia.

Why are you taking part in this campaign?

This is the single most important event in my life. The chance to be seen as equal in the law, community, society, workplace and the country I was born in. Plus most importantly, marry the man I love who I have been with for nearly 18 years!!

The marriage equality plebiscite. Discuss!

It has brought out the best and worst of people on both sides. It has gotten ugly, but I personally do not care about having the plebiscite as long as we get the outcome we want and deserve. Whatever it takes to get marriage equality in this country!

Tell us about your experience of being LGBTQ in the Australian music industry

I started my career in my hometown of Brisbane then relocated to Sydney nearly a decade ago. Personally I have not felt any homophobia and mostly been encouraged and embraced for who I am. I picked the best industry to be a part of as it is inclusive and supportive. Everyone I work with are allies and are voting ‘yes’ which makes me very emotional and proud. Love Is Love.

What are your hopes for the next generation of LGBTQ kids hoping to break into the Aussie music industry?

With young artists like Sam Smith, Troye Sivan and Halsey the next generation have strong role models to look up to, when I was young these relatable artists were not present and I had to gravitate towards allies like Madonna and Cyndi Lauper to feel some level of support. Getting Marriage Equality will actually save lives for kids who feel ashamed and not supported. The future for the industry is bright.

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