As announced last night, Europe now has a new collective that will ensure musician’s representatives have a closer involvement in decisions made that impact the future of the music business.

The Europe Music Manager Alliance (EMMA) brings together 1300 representatives from the UK, France, Sweden, Netherlands, Poland, Norway and Finland – with links to similar organisations in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and South Africa, with Keith Harris, announced as it’s inaugural chair. 

The alliance will focus on issues regarding licensing and fair remuneration, “as the recorded music business enters a new phase of streaming-based evolution, relationships between artists and labels have adapted.” Public policy will also be a focus, to ensure matters of intellectual property and taxation within European frameworks are dealt with in a matter that benefits artists. Another focus will be education supporting a “professional, educated and networked global community of music managers – sharing research, information and resources.”

EMMA’s Chair, Keith Harris, said:

“As the business representatives of artists, songwriters and producers, the role of the music manager has assumed ever greater importance in the digital era. For the future health of our business, and particularly with Brexit on the horizon, it is therefore vital that managers can maintain close contact and participate fully and openly in all commercial and policy discussions that impact on our clients. The creation of EMMA will make this possible.”

“Going forward, digital services, legislators and other industry partners will have the opportunity to connect with the widest range of music managers via a single networked organisation.”