In 2017, artist manager Eva Trifonas attended global music industry hive mind SXSW in Austin, Texas. She was representing Perth-born artist, producer and songwriter KUČKA, who she manages alongside Buddy Ross, and Demi Louise.

A lot has happened since then. Notably, she and KUČKA (Laura Jane Lowther) have relocated to the US with Trifonas heading up her Incgnto management company from Los Angeles. KUČKA signed label deals with LuckyMe/Warp and Soothsayer/Mushroom, publishing deals with Grammy winning super producer Ariel Rechtshaid’s Heavy Duty and Native Tongue for Australia, and she was just announced to perform Laneway and with Anna of the North in London.

With everything happening in Trifonas’ world right now, TIO asked for an update on how the move to the US is going, the stories behind KUČKA’s new deals, her advice for anyone looking to move to the US, and more.

A lot has happened in your world since you relocated to the US, what was the thinking behind the move?

It has always been my goal from the very start to create international careers for the talent I represent and for me to understand international markets. I started spending more and more time overseas and could see the opportunities that were on the horizon and decided one day just do it, and I left two weeks later.

KUČKA was my true inspiration for doing this. Since I did this, I picked up a client (Demi Louise) and have been able to lock in multiple international opportunities for my clients.