Eventbrite has hit the launch button on Eventbrite Music, a new solution built specifically to empower independent promoters and venue operators and which the company’s chief confidently labels a “game changer.”

Initially, independent venues, promoters and festivals in Australia, New Zealand and North America can plug into the new software, which promises to power events from end-to-end.

Speaking to TIO, Eventbrite’s president of music Andrew Dreskin says live music players in Australia have been crying out for features like improved user permissions, self-service marketing and better platform integration. And that’s what the company set out to build.

“We’ve seen exceptional growth in music in Australia and New Zealand over the past four years. In fact, I spent some time in Australia earlier this year meeting with promoters and venue operators, and I was incredibly impressed by the strength of the music scene there,” he says.

The pain points for venues, promoters and festivals are “pretty much universal.” They need to “reduce friction in their day-to-day operations, have their shows be profitable, and deliver great experiences for both artists and fans, night after night.”