This week XXXTentacion’s second album ? will leap back into the ARIA Albums charts, most likely in the Top 3, possibly to #1. The perhaps-fittingly-titled ‘Sad’ will do likewise in the Singles chart, reaching the top three, possibly hitting pole position. ‘Sad’ is currently #1 on the Billboard 200; eight other XXXTentacion songs are in the Top 100.

For those who are unaware of the 20-year-old rapper, he was gunned down nine days ago in Florida, during a robbery gone wrong. He was also awaiting trial for aggravated battery of his pregnant girlfriend domestic battery by strangulation, false imprisonment (for two days), and witness-tampering (for threatening witnesses with murder).

Her testimony included the following phrases: “I’m like scared”; “It’s like he’s going to like end up killing me or something”; “He broke a good 30 [white plastic clothing] hangers on my legs”; “Well, when we lived in Orlando, it was literally like every day [he threatened to kill her.”

Everything is forgiven after death.


On June 24, 2009, Michael Jackson was at best a laughing stock, at worst a pedophile who paid his way out of a jail term. On June 25, he was a martyr, the greatest artist of all time, a murder victim, a misunderstood angel whose life was cruelly destroyed my the media, the public, greedy lawsuit-hungry vultures. MTV and BET aired wall-to-wall video clips from him; 1.6 million people applied for tickets to his funeral. In the following week, he had the top three albums in America; 35 million further albums sold in the twelve months following his passing.