New World Artists have signed five-piece Perth neo-soul/neo-jazz outfit Demon Days.

The band just released their new single ‘No Winners’ and won over the agency during a showcase.

“I first saw Demon Days at a WAM showcase last year, I couldn’t take my eyes off the stage, ” explains Dominic Miller, of New World Artists.

“I was enraptured and suddenly Demon Days had a new Number 1 fan. So excited to be working with this incredible band.”

“We’re absolutely elated to be given the opportunity to join NWA’s incredible roster”, the band explain.

“Being backed by such an accomplished agency gives us huge confidence and aspiration to break out and keep building ourselves and our music.

“We’ve seen the amazing things NWA has done for other groups, and we’re excited to see where this signing will take us.”

Listen to ‘No Winners’ below.