2017 came with a trio INXS anniversaries. It’s now 40 years since they first formed; 30 years since their biggest LP Kick was released in 1987; and sadly, 20 years since the untimely passing of Michael Hutchence.

The band has been celebrating their milestones and mourning the loss of Michael throughout the year, even launching Rekicked, “a campaign series of reimagined videos inspired by famous INXS songs”.

In true INXS style, the band are capping off the year with a world-first. Original designs of concert merchandise from concerts that INXS performed over a 40-year period will be made available in General Pants stores, TIO can exclusively announce.

The “INXS x General Pants” collection has been handpicked by General Pants from the INXS archives spanning the years between 1985 – 1992.

“It’s really amazing to see these original INXS tees after all these years- it brings back a lot of memories,”said INXS’ Jon Farriss. “I am very excited to see these vintage shirts available to our fans and lovers of retro clothing thanks to General Pants, Graeme Jack and the team at Bravado Australia.”

The original designs are now available in General Pants stores.

Rob Barnes, Head of Buying at General Pants, said: “Home grown music is in the DNA of General Pants, so we couldn’t be more excited about offering our customers these incredibly rare INXS band tees and allowing them to take home a piece of Aussie rock history.”

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Graeme Jack, Head of Bravado Asia Pacific, added: “There are very few bands that represent the true spirit of rock better than INXS. To be able to delve into a 40 year archive of Australia’s most legendary band and discover years of genuine tour merchandise and bring it to a partner like General Pants is a dream come true for us all at Bravado.”