It’s not secret that Facebook are currently encouraging, promoting, and pleading with video creators to use its platform to upload their creations.

Hoping to nudge creatives away from YouTube, Facebook has now added ‘Sound Collection’, a thousand tracks from emerging artists (and possibly some fake ones – hard to delineate in this era) that are offered up to use, for free. It’s part of their Facebook For Creatives program, which launched recently.

The new feature was introduced over the weekend, with songs sortable by genre, length, mood. The interface is clean, and user-friendly, as the picture below shows, and no doubt these thousand tracks are just the initial offering.

As Billboard speculate, this will probably be the first step in an eventual library containing songs from all the major labels and music publishers, especially considering Facebook have already entered into such negotiations.

Check out Sound Collection here, and happy creating.

Facebook for Creators