Facebook wants to get more music in your social media life. The tech giant has finally briefed the press on its long-teased music plans which, we learn, will allow its billions of users to connect licensed tunes to their personal videos and let fans lip sync to their favourite songs.

We’ve heard hints of Facebook’s music strategy rumble on for well over a year. The Silicon Valley brand quietly assembled a team of music industry professionals, led by Tamara Hrivnak, who, it was revealed earlier this year, was tapped to lead “global music strategy and business development.”

Content deals were struck with Universal Music Group, Sony/ATV, Global Music Rights and others, ahead of a major launch.

In its first update on those plans, Facebook revealed overnight it has been partnering with music companies globally to “build a foundation for music experiences” on its platform. Those experiences include two pillars. The first, a global, licensed feature that will allow its users to include music in uploads, a project which is currently in the testing stage in several markets.

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The second should appeal to those kids who love to sing along, and who’re reportedly ditching Mark Zuckerberg‘s prize in the search for shiny new apps. Facebook is developing Lip Sync Live, a Musical.ly-like offering which will let folks lip sync their night away.