UPDATE: Falls Festival organisers have issued a statement on ticketing and scalping, which has been included below.

Falls Festival doesn’t usually have much trouble shifting tickets, with lineups boasting some of the biggest international visitors we’ll see all year, but having tickets to the Lorne and Byron legs sell out in under an hour this morning is a new record for the festival – and a problem for fans, as the tickets begin to show up on resale facilities for thousands of dollars above their original asking price.

Tickets went on sale at 9am this morning, but the Falls has already announced that the two most popular legs in NSW and Victoria were all sold-out by 10am, which was apparently “in record time”.

“For those who missed the boat it’s time to jump on one… Or a plane!” Falls Festival organisers said in a statement. “Marion Bay Tasmania is only a short distance across the Bass Strait and is a sun-soaked summer holiday in the making,” they continued, adding that “the second ever rendition of Falls Downtown in WA has a new and even more exciting home in Fremantle!”

With many fans taken by surprise by the quick sales or finding they were unable to even access the site, some are speculating whether ticket scalpers have more to do with the new sales record, as resale facilities and ticket bots continue to take advantage of the systems in place to quickly snatch up tickets and sell them on at inflated prices.

Even now, tickets are showing up for over $5,000 on some sites, against a standard price of just over $350, and disappointed punters are expressing their frustration.