Fanny Lumsden’s The Country Halls Tour is one of seven projects to share in $282,603 from Create NSW.

Round 1 of the NSW Government funding body’s Regional Touring Grants recipients were announced today – and it’s good news for music fans in regional NSW.

Fanny Lumsden’s Country Halls Tour, now in its sixth year, will see the ARIA nominee take her band the Thrillseekers on an ‘all-in-community-night-out’ in Halls throughout regional and remote NSW.

Lumsden is raising funds for the halls and shining a light on the venues often left to the wayside. The $13,000 grant will help Lumsden with travel logistics and tour costs, as well as make it possible to feature local acts, run workshops and even host fashion shows at some locations.

Receiving a cool $16,661 slice of the $282K Grant pie are The Ironing Maidens, a live electronic music performance art piece. The Shiny Shiny Productions project utilises regional towns’ main laundromats as the performance space. The project “explores the topics of domesticity, technology and the history of women in electronic music.”

Over a three-week period, three artists and three crew members will take part in the tour, accompanying each performance with a public workshop, focussing on electronic music production (EMP) and electronic instrument making.

Create NSW CEO Michael Brealey said:

“The cost of touring can often be prohibitive to regional organisations, both for venues and presenting companies, but sharing their productions across the state has a great benefit in strengthening local connections to arts and culture and ensuring that some of the state’s best work can be seen by more people.”

The other five recipients are:

Bangarra Dance Theatre ($74,588)

Branch Nebula ($49,974)

City of Parramatta for National Theatre of Parramatta ($32,747)

Company B Ltd ($38,995)

llawarra Performing Arts Centre Ltd for Merrigong Theatre Company ($56,638)