Many people feel that working in the music industry is a bit like high school, and look it’s more than true.

Did anyone else feel like the Afterparty felt like your formal afterparty? I kept asking, “omg I wonder what I’m gonna do next year”, “wow that year went so quick”, and asked the DJ to cue Vitamin C – ‘Graduation (Friends Forever)’.

Last week, I personally put the popularity contest that is BIGSOUND into the form of Fashions on the Field, snapping up the hottest looks from a few industry names. Enjoy!

Claudia Sangiorgi Dalimore

Her Sound Her Story

Claudia Sangiorgi Dalimore at bigsound

Wearing: Rhode dress with bumbag, handmade Turkish sandals, Mars de Favela Jewellery, @vikkikassioras earrings.

Danielle Caruana

Mama Kin Spender / The Seed Fund

Danielle Caruana at bigsound

Wearing: Vintage jumpsuit from Amsterdam.

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Jane Slingo

Electronic Music Conference / Mgmt for Set Mo + Sampology

Jane Slingo bigsound

Wearing: Zimmerman and Furla.

Uda Widanapathirana

Inertia Music / Dark Mofo

Uda Widanapathirana at bigsound 2019

Wearing: Country Road blouse thing, Asos Petite white overalls, Bata velcro shoes.

Rich Stanley

The Tote Hotel

Rich Stanley at bigsound

Wearing: Leather jacket from Flux on Smith St. T-Shirt is ‘Shit Sandwich’, a punk record label from Chicago. Dejour Jeans. Blue Steel Workboots. Explorer Underwear.

Triana Hernandez

CE Agency

Triana Hernandez at bigsound

Wearing: Everything from Target.