It doesn’t take a much for a manager to take an artist with momentum and turn them into something bigger.

The rare skill few managers have is taking an artist with absolutely no fan base and growing them into an artist that can make a living off radio hits and sold out touring.

That is the skill that Andrew Stone has perfected to a science. He has worked for over a decade with Australian industry great Michael Chugg as well as global giant Scooter Braun.

Andrew signed artists like Sheppard early in their career, and got them 5x platinum in Australia and 2x in American. He also signed Lime Cordiale who had virtually no radio play for the first 8 years of their career, but were still able to sellout venues all over the country and rack up countless gold records.

Andrew has just launched City Pop Records. A 50/50 partnership with Michael Chugg where they both manage and act as a label for Australian pop artists. Their mission? Take pop artists from standing start and make them global superstars. We spoke to Andrew for this week’s episode of our Fear at the Top podcast,  you can subscribe to Fear at the Top on all major streaming services.

Watch the full Fear at the Top episode below

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