Just last week I thought, “Boy, isn’t ‘My Girl’ by Hoodoo Gurus a complete gem of a tune? I should listen to it on the streaming service of my choice, then maybe crank out ‘Less Than A Feeling’ while there”, only to find the streaming world to be completely bereft of Le Gurus.

Coincidentally, (or creepily, depending how you view the universe) just this morning Hoodoo Gurus announced a new partnership with Universal Music Australia (ft. Universal Music New Zealand), which will see their complete recordings now on all streaming services. All their albums will be expanded with B-sides, curios, rarities, plus a number of related recording projects (Persian Drugs — their Nuggets-style side-project — is the most exciting of these).

Plus, they have launched the Hoodoo Gurus Record Club – in which all twelve of their studio records will be released over the next twelve months on 180gram (the thick one) coloured vinyl. Basically, it’s all good news.

Dave Faulkner, singer/songwriter of Hoodoo Gurus says: “We’ve finally gone from the Stone Age to the 21st Century — pun intended — and made our music available for streaming, something our fans have been demanding for a long time. It’s a delicious irony for us that we are doing it through the revived Big Time Records entity, the label that we were first signed to in 1982.

“Hoodoo Gurus had to sue Big Time Records in 1988 over unpaid royalties and we won that case – but we never got those royalties, because Big Time Records went into liquidation straight afterwards. We ended up buying the Big Time label from the administrator, making it a very expensive trophy indeed. But it was all worth it, because we had gained our freedom, and we set a lot of other Big Time artists free at the same time.

“Now, Hoodoo Gurus are proud to celebrate our landmark deal with Universal Music with the relaunch of our very own Big Time Records label and, as the label’s owners, this time we’ll make sure we pay ourselves our royalties!”

We also hear whispers of a national tour with You Am I – so stay tuned.

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