A new boutique booking agency – Four Tone Artists – has launched in Australia today. Headed by Adam Montgomery and Josh Lane, the agency offers a comprehensive booking service across the Asia-Pacific region.

A press release this morning explained the new agency will be focused on the artist. Offering a culture that nurtures early artist development and taking a creative approach on live touring strategy, as well as long term career development.

Adam Montgomery began his career in the music industry touring for several years with the band Calling All Cars. Since then he has worked in booking at the 123 Agency. Josh Lane also spent years touring before moving into a career with the Mushroom Group, then the 123 Agency.

Both Montgomery and Lane are excited about the new agency, with Montgomery saying “It’s an exciting moment for live music right now. At a time when the eyes of the world are on Australian music, there are more opportunities for artists than ever.”

Didirri - Four Tone ArtistsOn their current roster of Artists, Lane says ““It’s an honour to be representing such an incredible roster of acts from around the country. These artists are focused on becoming career musicians, and the launch of Four Tone Artists allows us to help make that happen.”

The current roster at Four Tone Artists includes Bec Sandridge, Didirri, Mia Dyson and heaps more of Australia’s brightest talents.

For more information on Four Tone Artists, and their talent, visit here.

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