Dropbox and Future Classic have teamed up to launch a recording studio in Frogtown, Los Angeles, out of which they will run a series of creative incubator” events and workshops.
“As longtime Dropbox users we couldn’t think of a better partner to help us unleash creative energy at our new space in Los Angeles” says Nathan McLay, Founder and CEO, Future Classic.
“The Future Classic x Dropbox studios in Frogtown will provide two spaces  a room for artists to write, record and collaborate, plus a mix room for finishing the process.”
The first industry event will be held in the space this month. Despite Dropbox being involved, there will not be unlimited storage space, but it still seems like a massive area.
“Dropbox is excited to partner with Future Classic to support the next generation of artists by creating a space for creativity, co-creation and collaboration to live side-by-side,” said Carolyn Feinstein, Chief Marketing Officer at Dropbox. 
Initiatives like this one highlight the role we play with teams everywhere, helping them explore new possibilities and unleash their collective creative energy.” 
The more of these Warhol Factory-style spaces, the better. Best of all, Flume only needs a little corner to set his laptop up, so there’s plenty of room for horns and strings and whatever else you need.