Here’s all the music industry news you need to know this morning.

The European Union‘s executive is planning a possible law to deal with complaints about unfair trading practices by leading online players such as Apple and Google – via Reuters

Universal’s streaming growth is slowing down – but still provided $500m in Q1 – via MBW

MC Sinks takes out 2017 Hilltop Hoods Initiative. Sinks receives a $10,000 grant from Hilltop Hoods and APRA AMCOS which he will put towards manufacturing and promoting an album. – via APRA AMCOS

Fyre Festival Just Got Hit With Its Seventh Lawsuit – via Vulture

Kram has selected the successful applicants for this year’s One Eye on the Stranger (OEOTS) mentorship and residency program. They are:

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Tasmania – Mary Shannon

Queensland – Leanne Tennant

Victoria – Rhea Caldwell

NSW – Julia Wylie

Western Australia – Vanessa Hopes

South Australia – Alex Rajkowski

Northern Territory – David Crowe

Warner Music UK has unveiled Chris Bovill and John Allison (Channel 4) will be the leadership team for The Firepit, its original creative content and production studio. – via Music Week

LiveStyle, the company formerly known as SFX Entertainment, has named former label exec Chris Monaco as Chief Revenue Officer, Brand Partnerships, and Sponsorships. – via IQ

Snowtunes’ 2017 festival has grown in size and diversity – offering even more performances to cater for the masses. – via Snowtunes

Barry Manilow has been given a BMI award for his service to songwriting. – via Express

Amazon unveiled the Echo Show, a WiFi-enabled home device with a seven-inch screen that is the newest addition to its Alexa-powered Echo range of home hubs that plays media and responds to voice commands – via TechCrunch

Rockin’ For West Papua dates have been set for a weekend of global action from Friday 6th October to Sunday 8th October. – via Facebook