Gang Of Youths have become the latest artist to call out the shameful practices of controversial ticket reseller Viagogo.

You don’t have to go very far to see just how angry music fans are with Viagogo. Earlier this year, The Rubens called out the service, noting how their “dodgy profiteering” was harming the live music industry.

“We REALLY hate Viagogo,” the band explained in a post on Facebook. “They exist to rip you off, take your hard earned cash, and let scalpers take advantage of all aspects of a show they have nothing to do with.”

“We’ve been getting some messages lately that have really got us pissed off. A whole bunch of people out there have paid $222 for a ticket that is $76. This is thanks to Viagogo and their dodgy profiteering. This is completely wrong, and we have no idea how this is still legal. Fuck Viagogo.”

While Viagogo again made headlines over the weekend after a German court forbade the resale of Rammstein tickets on the site, Gang Of Youths have now added their voice to the growing chorus of disdain.

Taking to Instagram earlier today, Gang Of Youths posted an image of a t-shirt emblazoned with the phrase “Fuck Viagogo”, and asked fans to share their negative experiences with the controversial site.