On May 25 2018 the European Union’s new law governing the use of its citizens’ private data comes into effect.

The General Data Protection Regulation to give it its full name gives people living in the EU new powers to ask you what data you hold on them, what your doing with it, how long you are going to store it for, and the right to be forgotten or to have their data deleted from your records.

And when we say you, we mean you here in Australia. At least we mean you if people living in Europe visit your website, sign up to your newsletters and mailing lists, and if you or your suppliers, such as third-party merch vendors, collect personal info when you sell to people living into the EU.

We were surprised recently when we took a quick poll of a few local artist reps and businesses to find that pretty much most of you don’t think you are affected by the GDPR.

Europe (including the UK) has been a happy hunting ground for Aussie musicians as they take music out to the world and if that’s you then read on. Here’s TIO’s quick guide to help get you GDPR compliant, written for us by music marketer and digital strategist, Mark Muggeridge.