George Young, pioneering musician, producer, songwriter, and stone-cold genius, passed away yesterday, aged 70.

Young formed the Easybeats with songwriting partner Harry Vanda in late 1964, and the pair co-wrote the band’s many hit singles, including the classics ‘Friday On My Mind’ and ‘Good Times’. The pair also co-wrote numerous hits for other artists over the years, such as ‘Evie – Parts 1, 2 & 3’ for fellow Easybeat Stevie Young, and John Paul Young’s smash ‘Love Is In The Air’.

Young co-produced the early AC/DC albums (read: the best ones) such as Let There Be Rock, Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, T.N.T., Powerage and High Voltage, and even played bass for a short stint in the band.

In 1973 he launched Albert Productions with Vanda, and Easybeats’ label boss Ted Albert – with Vanda he enjoyed a run of successful pop singles as the in house productions at Albert Productions.

He was inducted into the ARIA Hall Of Fame twice: as a songwriting duo with Vanda in 1988, and with the Easybeats in 2005.

“A consummate songwriter, trailblazing producer, artist, mentor and extraordinary musician, George was above all else a gentleman who was unfailingly modest, charming, intelligent and loyal, a man with a wonderful sense of humour”, wrote David Albert, CEO of Alberts, in a statement following his passing.

Jimmy Barnes, who had an international hit with a cover of Young’s ‘Good Times’, wrote of Young’s passing: “What a huge loss for music. A great songwriter, producer and a great human being.”

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AC/DC also released a statement, writing: “As a musician, songwriter, producer, advisor and much, much more, you could not ask for a more dedicated and professional man.

“You could not ask for a finer brother. We will always remember him with gratitude and hold him close to our hearts.”