Girls on Deck – Mark Muggeridge meets the duo behind Australia’s newest and fastest growing DJ agency and events company. Find out what’s driving their business and why they are making a difference for women artists.

Music business entrepreneurs Gaby Ardill and Jennie Nygren are passionate about their latest endeavor. Girls On Deck is a new event business and agency representing women DJs which only started in May this year, however, the huge response from promoters and artists indicates that the duo might have spotted a gap in the market. 

Ardill and Nygren who are relatively new to the music business are by their own admission learning as they go. They met whilst studying entertainment business management and were given the task of conceptualizing an idea for an event. They set about planning the kind of gathering they wanted to be a part of; one where women DJs and electronic artists are the focus and where respect and professional treatment are not in question.

The next step was when on-trend venue The Lord Gladstone which stages some of the most lit events on the music business calendar offered them the opportunity to take their ideas for the event and make them a reality.  

The Girls on Deck brand was created and such was the response from those attending that Ardill and Nygren felt that they had to seize the moment.

Gaby Ardill and Jennie Nygren spoke exclusively to The Industry Observer.

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