It was announced two days ago that Gmail has released their first update in over four years. Taking two years to design, the new look includes self-destructing messages, confidential mode, a snooze function and more.

For a full run down of what’s available on the update go here.

One of these features, whilst exciting and potentially game-changing could have damaging consequences for many involved in the industry.

What is confidential mode?

Gmail has created a new mode of email where the receiver is unable to share, download, or print emails once they’ve received them. There’s even now an option to send a passcode to view the email via text. On top of this, senders can now choose to self destruct their emails in other peoples inboxes.

Why is this a potential issue?

This is a great idea for embargoed content and the sharing of files and data between trusted groups. It’s also a great concept for press releases that contain the wrong information. You can delete them in a second!

However, in a time where online bullying and trolling is continuing to take a toll on the music industry and those involved, is it ideal to give these people more opportunity to attack without fear of repercussion.