To shine a light on all the incredible LGBTQI executives and creatives in our industry, TIO has teamed up with Wonder founder Matt Emsell (5SOS, Matt Corby) to launch an article series. We’ll ask industry figures and artists how their sexuality and gender identity has shaped their experiences in the Australian music business. And, of course, why marriage equality is important to them.

With the final day of the Same Sex Marriage Postal Vote happening on November 7, the music industry has an important role in the discourse playing out in the public space.

Below is our Q&A with Sydney-based artist Greg Gould, who after being told his sexuality was “career suicide”, embraced it instead and has become a provocative vocal force in pop music.

Why are you taking part in this campaign?

I’ve been quite vocal about supporting marriage equality since I came out two years ago. The most important “why” I believe is the equal message and the change we can send to future generations. I don’t want my community to have to continue to struggle and feel as we do today, and I want less suicides as a result.