Warren Fu is one of the world’s most decorated music video directors. The US creative has worked with the likes of Snoop Dogg, Daft Punk and The Strokes, and was formerly an art director at Lucasfilm, with his creations appearing in the Star Wars saga.

Ahead of Clipped Music Video Festival at Vivid Ideas, Fu shares with us his most memorable moments on music video shoots with some of the biggest names in the industry.

Haim – If I Could Change Your Mind

Danielle Haim and I had known each other since 2008, when she joined Julian Casablancas’ touring band. We had talked about doing a video together one day so it was pretty awesome that we finally got a chance to make that happen. When we first met up for coffee to discuss ideas, she said she always wanted to make a dance video. I had always wanted to make one too. So we talked about our favorite ones and we both came to the conclusion that we could only make this with Fatima Robinson. She made some calls, we got Fatima on board, and our dream team was in place.

My favorite memory was actually before the shoot. The sisters came to my house to discuss the various looks and lighting setups and we were just surfing the web looking for reference images. Any time we’d bring up an artist the girls would suddenly snap into perfect harmony, singing whatever song we had just mentioned. Maybe they shouldn’t have named the band Haim. Buncha Showoffs would have been a more appropriate band name. We get it, you’re talented. Jesus.

The Darkness – Everybody Have A Good Time

I have a pretty absurd sense of humour, but I rarely get to put it to use. This is one of the few times I got to put it to use.