A couple of weeks ago, it emerged that the City Of Sydney had released a discussion paper, An Open and Creative City: planning for culture and the night time economy, which included a series of proposals that aimed to improve Sydney’s night life. Now, the proposals have been accepted, and they’re looking for community feedback.

As part of the city’s Live Music and Performance Action Plan, the proposal aimed to help relax the restrictions that Sydney’s fed-up residents are subjected to whilst trying to enjoy the city’s wonderful nightlife.

The proposal included eight actions to be carried out across three different subject areas, including:

  1. Making it easier for small businesses to trade later,
  2. Encouraging small-scale cultural events and activities across the city, and
  3. Balancing live music and performance venue impacts

On Monday, October 16th, the proposal went before a Council committee meeting where it was discussed in order to hopefully begin putting these ideas into action. Now, the paper has been approved for consultation, and it’s up to you, the public, to have your say and hopefully get these proposals fully approved.

So what do you have to do? It’s simple really, just head on over to the City Of Sydney’s Your Say site, and follow the details listed on the page.

There’s a questionnaire that you can fill out with questions relating to each of the three aforementioned subject areas. Be sure to put in as much detail as possible in the questions that ask for more information, because the more input you have, the greater the chances are that your insight may just play a crucially important role in getting these proposals approved.

Submissions for public opinion are open today, so be sure to get in quick. Submissions close in December, but don’t put this one off, your contributions are sure to go a long way in helping Sydney’s nightlife become world-renowned once more.