Hayley Williams has settled a lawsuit with Jeremy Davis, ex-bassist for Paramore, who claimed she and the band’s guitarist Taylor York removed his name from official writing credits, therefore cheating him out of substantial songwriting royalties.

Davis sued for breach of contract and fraud last April, claiming he co-wrote all 17 songs on the band’s 2013 self-titled album – which includes the Grammy-award winning, multi-Platinum #1 single ‘Ain’t It Fun’. He claimed the pair agreed to co-author credits on the album.

Over the weekend, the band’s lawyer simply stated “everything has been resolved and settled”, but declined requests to share specifics.

The original lawsuit read: “Plaintiff is not listed as a co-author of any musical compositions embodied on the album Paramore, with the exception of a partial, one-minute-ninety-second interlude entitled ‘Interlude: Holiday,’ which is only available as part of the liner notes included with a purchase of the entire Paramore album, but not individually purchased singles.”

Davis claimed he “suffered substantial monetary damages as a result of Defendants’ unlawful conduct, including, but not limited to, being excluded from participating in income arising from royalties, licensing, and other monies generated from the musical compositions and sound recordings embodied on the album Paramore.”

In addition, he sued management companies Mark Mercado and Fly South Music Group, and Jason B. Childress and Curo Financial Management for not correctly advising him at the time.