Heads up: this is not going to be one more article bemoaning the state of Sydney’s music scene. There are, after all, a lot of those about; so many, in fact, that you could be forgiven thinking Sydney was in the grips of a terminal decline, and becoming about as culturally stimulating as a week-old pot of yoghurt.

And yeah, certainly it’s true that times have been tough – the sting of Newtown Social Club’s closure is still fresh, and it’s hard to walk down King Street and not cringe at the sight of one of Sydney’s finest musical hubs having become a garish mini-golf club.

But venue owners in Sydney haven’t given up on the burgeoning arts scene, and neither should we. Indeed, in order to bolster an admittedly at-risk scene, venue owners around Sydney have taken a number of steps to nurture their live music acts, and live music spaces, actively casting aside the morgue sheet some were all too ready to drape over our city. Here, in four quick steps, is how they’ve done it.

Step One: By fostering Local Acts

It’s all too easy when running a venue to ignore local talent in favour of the big international draws, and to deny a foothold for emerging acts in order to give massive, chart-topping groups boosts that they don’t even really need.