“I am more committed than ever to the future of virtual reality”, said Mark Zuckerberg, at Oculus’s annual conference in San Jose, California, last week (Oct 11).

The Facebook CEO unveiled Oculus Go, a new virtual reality headset for $199 set to be released next year

It’s higher quality than the cheaper Samsung Gear VR, but it doesn’t need to be tethered to a computer – it’s designed to work with your phone.

Of course, Facebook purchased Oculus in 2014 for $2 billion so naturally Mark Zuckerberg has high hopes for the next phase of social computing.

From conducting meetings in virtual reality, to visiting different countries from the comfort of your couch, to experiencing concerts, birthdays or a child’s ‘firsts’, Facebook is betting on the benefits of virtual reality services.

Watch Zuckerberg tour a hurricane-devastated Puerto Rico using an avatar (bad taste much?)


The announcement coincided with Facebook’s launch of its virtual reality “Venues” app

Also announced at Oculus’s annual conference, the app would enable Facebook users to virtually watch live concerts and sports games around the world.

Joining apps like FoxVR, LiveLike, Microsoft’s AltspaceVR, and Ticketmaster’s partner Next VR, Venues will also allow users to view movie and television premiers.