In 2006, Scott Storch had a string of hit records to his name, $70 million in the band, and a niggling cocaine addiction. By 2015 he had filed for bankruptcy, burnt many of his industry connections, and had an arrest sheet that included grand theft auto — despite owning 20 luxury vehicles — and drug possession.

Obviously, he made a series of bad choices, but a new lawsuit filed by Storch’s bankruptcy trustee claims that he was also coerced into selling the rights to many of his hits by Suge Knight, Death Row Records founder and notorious figurehead, who used both physical intimidation and Storch’s noted drug problems to force his hand.

Among the claims are that Storch was forced into signing over his percentage share of numerous records while drunk, high on coke, and without an attorney present. Storch has written and/or produced such hits as  ‘Still D.R.E’ by Dr Dre, ‘Me Myself and I’ and ‘Naughty Girl’ for Beyonce, ‘Let Me Love You’ by Mario, ‘Candy Shop’ by 50 Cent, and ‘Run It!’ by unapologetic, violent recidivist Chris Brown.

“At that time, Suge Knight lived in the same gated community in Los Angeles as [Storch],” reads the complaint. “Knight knew about the Debtor’s: (a) struggles with drug addiction; and (b) inability to properly manage his finances, which made the Debtor a vulnerable and attractive target for extortion and manipulation. Upon information and belief, Knight repeatedly and systematically intimidated and threatened the Debtor to obtain money.”