While Fyre Festival’s glamorous Bahamian location and exorbitant ticket prices may mean it’s still destined to take out the prize for ‘biggest festival screw-up’ this year, the organisers behind Liverpudlian music event Hope & Glory have plenty to answer for themselves, after the “dangerous” event was shut down after just a single day.

As NME reports, the 12,500 capacity event was taking place over the weekend with a lineup of well-known British bands set to play, but quickly devolved into another tale of stranded fans, unsafe conditions, and organiser finger-pointing.

Concerns were first raised to police when the festival area became dangerously overcrowded on the first day, with the thousands in attendance complaining of being unable to access basic needs like food, drink and bathrooms, and police announced they were “working with stewards at opening up another entrance” in an effort to relieve the overcrowding.

Now, in a story with a happy ending, this would be where festival organisers worked with authorities to fix the shortfalls before the festival commenced its second day, and a crisis was averted… but no.

Instead, organisers took the drastic step of singling out the event’s production manager, blaming him solely for the issues and even posting his full name and email address on the event page.