He’s been a ‘Loser’. He’s had a ‘Devil’s Haircut’ and been a ‘Lost Cause’.  And he’s always had a lot of sync appeal.

With his 14th studio album Hyperspace due out sometime later this year via EMI, Beck reminds us that he’s constantly reinventing his wheel and, at age 48, he’s in a creative purple patch.

The American artist and producer has been prolific of late, his 2014 album Morning Phase, a left veer into Sea Change turf with its lush orchestral arrangements and dripping with melancholia, was so admired it won three Grammy Awards including best album, earning bonus points when his victory was scorned by Kanye West.

Next up, 2017’s double-Grammy winning Colours and its retro party-boy vibe, a light year from Morning Phase. When it drops, Hyperspace will be Beck’s third album in five years. That same period separated 2008’s Modern Guilt and Morning Phase and produced precisely no albums.

Where his output is unpredictable, syncs have kept Beck’s business humming along nicely throughout the quiet years, and the busiest of times. Data seen by TIO reveals a versatility that extends well outside the studio. Indeed, in the years since 1994’s Mellow Gold, his major label debut LP, Beck’s songs have been synchronised across more than 260 projects, from films to TV shows and ad campaigns.

You might have missed it, but Beck Hansen, this hip-swivelling, splits-manoeuvring performer with a reputation for indie experimentalism and mixing-up funky beats and who can play more than a dozen instruments, is very quietly a sync superstar.