The last few days have seen an abundance of music fans sharing their streaming stats thanks to Spotify’s 2019 Wrapped feature.

While it’s an astonishing way for fans and lovers of music to share their listening habits of the last year (and even the last decade), it has also provided us with an insight into just how well some of our favourite artists have performed.

In fact, Tones And I’s massive year saw her pull in a monumental 482.5 million streams, which equates to 48.4 million listeners bumping her tunes for almost 25 million hours combined. Notably though, when you pop those details into a handy converter, it reveals that she accrued almost $3 million in revenue thanks to Spotify.

Needless to say, those are some impressive figured for an Aussie artist. However, with numerous artists such as Portishead and the Misfits claiming artists cannot live on streaming alone, this new feature has given fans the chance to see just how much their favourite artists have received from digital plays alone.

To put it all in perspective, we took a look at some of the biggest Aussie acts on the scene to see just how well they’ve done following a huge year of streaming.

Dean Lewis: 735.1 million streams, $4,696,198

Tones And I: 482.5 million streams, $3,082,315

Angus & Julia Stone: 208 million streams, $1,328,749

Tash Sultana: 165.7 million streams, $1,058,527

Hilltop Hoods: 161.5 million streams, $1,031,697

Ocean Alley: 104.5 million streams, $667,568

Pnau: 82.8 million streams, $528,944

Jacob Lee: 53.9 million streams, $344,325

Hermitude: 47.9 million streams, $305,995

Thundamentals: 39.1 million streams, $249,779

Skegss: 39 million streams, $249,140

John Butler Trio: 37 million streams, $236,364

G Flip: 33.4 million streams, $213,366

Triple One: 29 million streams, $185,258

Boy & Bear: 25.2 million streams, $160,983

Jarryd James: 18.5 million streams, $118,182

Polaris: 15.2 million streams, $118,182

Psychedelic Porn Crumpets: 12.9 million streams, $82,408

The Chats: 12.5 million streams, $79,852

Montaigne: 7.3 million streams, $46,634

Josh Pyke: 6.5 million streams, $41,523

Carmouflage Rose: 4.3 million streams, $27,469

Killing Heidi: 3 million streams, $19,164

Honourable Mention: Tame Impala

As one of the most successful Aussie artists on the scene today, it’s no surprise that Tame Impala has been been doing pretty well when it comes to streaming. However, if you’re Kevin Parker, then you’ve got no desire to share a bunch of Spotify-curated stats to your followers.

Rather, the WA muso took to Instagram yesterday to share an image of stats that he believed to be “more relevant”, noting that ‘Feels Like We Only Go Backwards’ and ‘Let It Happen’ has been certified Gold, while ‘The Less I Know The Better’ is now Platinum, and looking to go Double Platinum soon thanks to its popularity on TikTok.

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