An overnight success can be years in the making. Vance Joy’s career, by any casual observation, blasted off like a SpaceX rocket: it fired up immediately, made a stratospheric trip with the world looking on, and the rest of the journey has been smooth. No catastrophic failures.

Flash back to February 2013. Michael Gudinski is energised. The Mushroom Group chairman has rounded up friends and supporters of his company, which is celebrating its 40th year in business. Business is good.

The Melbourne restaurant is packed out as guests are treated to an Italian meal, and a performance by a young artist. Remember his name, Gudinski insists. Vance Joy. An industry crowd is typically a tough one. The sun is still up; there are no pyrotechnics. No effects. No mics. No problem.

I’ve never worked with an artist who works as hard as him

The team behind Vance Joy’s meteoric rise are looking on, from Mushroom Music managing director Ian James, to UNIFIED Music Group Founder and CEO Jaddan Comerford, Liberation Records Managing Director Damian “Damo” Slevison and many others.

Nothing about this artist’s launch has been without meticulous planning, and with his new album Nation of Two on target for a place at or near the top of ARIA Albums Chart, it’s a trek years in the making.