With fourth quarter earnings results just around the corner and the ARIA Awards in close sight, let’s take a look at the Australian major label landscape and see how its players are shaping up for year end.

Universal Music Australia (UMA), overseen by Managing Directors Michael Taylor and Darren Aboud, has a clear claim at an overall triumph in Australia.

With UMA chart share Year To Date at 37.9% (source: ARIA YTD Top 500 Albums), the local powerhouse looks to only increase its market share in Q4 with superstar releases from Taylor Swift, U2, Shania Twain, The Killers and Demi Lovato.

Mike Taylor and Darren Aboud, joint managing directors for Universal Music Labels Australia

The ARIA Top 500 Albums figures place UMA’s two rivals Sony Music and Warner Music well behind with 22.8% and 22.6% chart share respectively. Meanwhile, the UMG-owned and operated EMI Music has a chart share of 9%, bumping UMA’s lion’s share up to 46.9%.

Niko Nordström President Warner Music Australasia

While fiercely independent acts Sia and Adele have had another mammoth year in terms of sales (both acts’ sales spiked following their local tour announcements), the indie sector lead by Inertia Music takes a modest 7.7% share of the YTD figures.