It’s fair to say that independent labels in Australia have been making big waves over the past couple years, at a time when traditional business models are rapidly needing to adapt. Yesterday’s Electronic Music Conference panel Indie Labels: Taking the Power Back? saw the faces behind names like Future Classic and I Oh You discuss the roles of indies and majors in a modern setting – in particular, how major and independent labels are working together to positively grow artists.

In particular, the advent of the digital landscape has been a revolution for artists and independent labels alike, given that with the rise of streaming and the ability to market via social platforms, the cost of entry is often next to nothing. For Johann Ponniah of I Oh You, there’s been a heavy shift towards integrating digital platforms in release strategies. “In the field we work, fans of indie rock weren’t early adapters to streaming but it’s changing rapidly across every genre. Now, we have to have converstaions with Spotify and Apple Music to work out the right way to climb through playlists”.