Yesterday we reported that INXS and their management released a press release distancing themselves from Channel Seven’s documentary Michael Hutchence: The Last Rockstar.

Well now producer Danny Saber, who steered the doco with executive producer Mark Llewellyn has hit back at the claims that the doco is “unauthorised”.

Saber told News Corp the documentary was intended “to give Michael what he always wanted in life, to try and give him what he never got even in death, and that was to define himself as an individual, as an artist. He wanted to be recognised and respected for his own music.”

He then attacked INXS’ motives for distancing themselves from the doco.

“The bottom line is this: nobody is going to benefit more from this than INXS. Never Tear Us Apart [the telemovie], let’s be honest, it was what it was but they did [soap] Neighbours, we’re doing Shakespeare – and you can quote me on that.”

And we have, Danny. Part two airs tonight on Channel 7 from 7:30pm.