Zane Lowe is on a whirl-wind tour of Australia. He’s here to present at the ARIA Awards and broadcast his famous Beats 1 radio show live from Sydney.

Among a handful of other very important engagements today – including running an ARIA Masterclass with Briggs, Kwame and Sampa The Great – his team squeezed me in for a 25 minute podcast interview. Not 30 minutes, just 25, that’s how busy he is.

An hour later, here I am at the Apple Store on George Street in Sydney considering getting a new tattoo: “Don’t forget to turn the mic on”.

Note to self when you’re interviewing the world’s most influential radio figure: do a test run of the equipment, even if you’ve used it a bunch of times before.

I remember being struck by how charming and accommodating Zane Lowe was, which makes this article even more mortifying.

Throughout our conversation about how he helps push emerging artists across the whole Apple network – or how his time in Australia gave him the opportunity to embed himself in an industry he champions all the way from LA – Zane Lowe used the 25 minutes we had together to confirm his reputation as an avid music fan and tastemaker.