Sydney’s iconic live music venue Valve Bar is looking to crowdfunding to raise $8,000 in order to keep operations humming along nicely.

The “icing on the cake” as the venue’s Kickstarter page calls it, is that the Sydney Council will match up to 30k in funds for live music improvements“, making this a possible cash injection of at least $16,000 for the venue.

“We want to utilise the recently appointed government grant which states they will give ‘up to $30,000 matched cash funding for projects’ to improve the live music scene”, Justin Stephenson of BandAidz tells us of the move.

“Almost every up and comer artist or band can say they’ve played at the Valve Bar in Sydney and it has become the backbone for Sydney’s underground music. We want to upgrade the production gear and gig room, and people who support this cause can enjoy an improved quality show from all the independent artists out there.”

Donate to the cause here.