We listen to almost an entire day of music each week, mostly in the car,  streaming is our weapon of choice, YouTube is still the king, and rock rules. These are just some of the takeaways from the IFPI’s new report into how music fans get their fix.

Every year, the international trade association’s goes deep into listening habits and trends with its “Music Consumer Insight Report” which, in the words of its CEO France Moore, charts how “music soundtracks the many parts of our day.”

If the new data is accurate, music is very much part of our DNA, thanks largely to YouTube and the plethora of app-based licensing streaming platforms.

Researchers found folks around the globe were plugging into music for 2.5 hours each day — almost 18 hours each week — with more than 86% of listeners using on-demand streaming brands. Smartphones are the hub for more than three-quarters of all that streaming activity.


Almost 20 years after Napster created shockwaves in the music industry, it would seem piracy is still a problem. Some 38 percent of respondents said they listened to copyright-infringing works, with stream-ripping the most popular method of snatching music.