After a colossal first few years since its launch, leading Australian independent music conference Indie-Con will make itself present in Adelaide in July.

This year, the conference will focus on several key areas of insight: China, Sync, Streaming, Smart Marketing, The Future of the Label, Artists as Entrepreneurs, Mental Health, Leadership, HR, Tech, Esports and Gaming, Copyright, and Financial Literacy.

China has been identified as a crucial market at this point for the Australian music industry, with guests Alessandro Pavanello and Lolly Fan sharing their insights on how we best tap into our largest neighbour.

For the first time, the event has announced one-to-one meetings for speakers [local and international] to connect with Indie-Con delegates throughout the event.


  • Sync Outside the Box
  • A Tech Health Check for Indies
  • Esports and Gaming
  • The Importance of Protecting Copyright

Speakers from all around the globe are being brought here to shed some light on the issues, and opportunities we need to be responding to.