The health of the Australian music industry was prodded and probed for the “state of the industry” session at the Contemporary Music Roundtable in Sydney, a session which featured three key players in the music biz. 

Facilitated by TIO’s Lars Brandle, the panel of Brett Cottle, CEO of APRA and AMCOS; Dan Rosen, CEO of ARIA and PPCA; and LPA’s Kim Tran, Director, Policy & Programs, explored the industry and its issues, and where things are heading.

In a nutshell, the performing rights sector has never been stronger, the recording industry after years of sharp, troubling decline is finally on the way back, while live entertainment, after a long, hot stretch, is cooling off. As Meat Loaf might say, two out of three ain’t bad. Below is a transcript of the panel discussion.

Brett Cottle:

It is difficult to draw any conclusion other than that the industry is back in boom times, from the kinds of figures that I will refer to today. There are roughly three points I would like to make. The first is that digital revenue for songwriters and publishers is almost now at the level of revenue from the broadcast sector.

In the year to 30 June 2017, we will be reporting across APRA and AMCOS digital revenue of $110 million. Included in digital are subscription and ad driven streaming services, digital downloads, video on demand and user generated content.