A slew of industry heavyweights have joined the advisory board for Vezt – an intellectual property rights marketplace that allows music fans to purchase the rights to their favourite songs.

The service makes it simple for artists and rights holders to easily capitalize on their work by selecting portions of their songs to offer to fans who are interested in collecting music royalties.

It has been announced that Andreas Carlsson, known for his songwriting collaborations with acts like Katy Perry, The Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears, Celine Dion and more has been appointed as the Chief Strategy Officer. Carlsson is also an investor in, and an advisor to Soundtrap, an online music creation software that was sold to Spotify in 2017. 

“VEZT is an elegant solution and the ultimate destiny of what music is supposed to be, a direct relationship where artists and fans share the music together,” said Andreas Carlsson, Chief Strategy Officer of VEZT.

“We’ve built a first-class team around a shared vision for how the music industry has evolved,” said Steve Stewart, co-founder and CEO of VEZT. “We are currently in talks with numerous artists, labels, and publishers and will be announcing these partnerships very soon as we move to launching the platform.”

Other industry figures joining the board include William Morris/Endeavor Agency; Co-Founder, Lollapalooza, Peter Paterno, Attorney for Dr. Dre, Metallica, Steven Nerayoff, Co-Founder Of Ethereum, Lisk, & tZERO and more.