It’s the most wonderful time of the year!! Michael Bublé has begun to defrost, Westfield has put up their gawdy decorations, and the only song that we’re listening to in the office is All I Want For Christmas Is You.

In spirit of getting into the festive spirit, The Industry Observer is excited to launch the first annual SECRET SANTA!

This spreading of Christmas cheer is open to all members of the music industry; are you an artist? Get in on this! Work at a label? You’re cordially invited! Artist manager? We promise not to assign you as the Secret Santa for one of your artists!

Here’s everything you need to know:

1. Register for The Industry Observer’s Secret Santa below

You have until Tuesday, November 28 to register! Make sure you put in your postal address, and social handles. We encourage you to use your office address where possible!

2. The elves over at TIO HQ will match you with a friend

You’ll be emailed by Tuesday, November 28 with the person you’re Secret Santa for! You’ll be sent their social handles, so you can take a look at what they post and get some ideas on a great gift for them. You’ll also be sent their postal address. Remember not to tell them who you are!

Note: the only people who will get your postal address will be the elves at TIO HQ, and the person who is your Secret Santa. Your privacy and security is of the utmost importance to us!!

3. Tweet @theindustry_o with #TIOSecretSanta if you need one of our elves to help you

Is the friend you’ve been given not tweeting? Do they have a private twitter account? Do you just have a question and want to chat? If you use the hashtag #TIOSecretSanta, we’ll have one of our clever elves help you out quick-smart! Want to ask your friend a question without letting out who you are? Let us ask for you!

4. You have until December 7 to post your gift!

This seems early, right? But this is to help ensure that everyone can get their gifts in plenty of time! You need to send your gift TRACKED so that we know it’s arrived. You can choose to reveal yourself in a note in the gift, or reveal yourself on social media when the gift arrives!

5. Receive a gift from a fellow member of the music industry!

It’s all about the giving, but it’s also nice to receive! Don’t forget to use the hashtag #TIOSecretSanta to share what gift your amazing Secret Santa sent you!

Here’s some very important things to consider:

  • There’s no price limit on gifts, but as a ball-park we recommend around $20. If you’re an artist though, why not make something! Be creative!
  • Gifts need to be sent tracked, so that no one gets disappointed with lost parcels.
  • Sometimes the TIO HQ Elves won’t be able to immediately reply to you, but we’ll do our best!
  • We can’t unfortunately take responsibility if people don’t send gifts ? but we will try to solve all issues as they arise!
  • This is open to all members of the Australian and New Zealand music industry!

So register below, crank the Christmas tunes and let’s get festive! You can tweet us @theindustry_o if you have any questions.

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