“There’s a bear in there, and a chair as well…” To many, these are more than just lyrics, in fact, for more than 50 years it has served as the soundtrack to millions of childhoods around the country. Now, the tune has finally received the appropriate recognition, being added to the Sounds Of Australia archive, alongside an array of other classic Aussie tunes.

Beginning back in 2007, the Sounds Of Australia archive is a collection recordings that the National Film & Sound Archive deems to have “cultural, historical and aesthetic significance and relevance, which inform or reflect life in Australia.”

Over the years, numerous recordings have been added into the archive, ranging from examples of contemporary Australian music (such as the Hilltop Hoods, The Necks, The Go-Betweens, etc.), to recordings of historical value (such as Prime Minister Robert Menzies’ 1939 declaration of war speech). Now, a new batch of recordings have been added into the hallowed halls of the archive.

Included in this year’s list are some of the more memorable contemporary hits of the last 40 years, including INXS’ ‘Don’t Change’, Kasey Chambers’ ‘Not Pretty Enough’, and John Paul Young’s ‘Love Is In The Air’. Likewise, some culturally significant tunes are included, such as Ross Higgins’ famous ‘Louie The Fly’ Mortein jingle from 1962, and the theme song to Play School, aptly titled Play School Theme (There’s A Bear In There)’.