Part one of the two-part series Michael Hutchence: The Last Rockstar is set to air tonight on Channel Seven.

This morning a statement was issued to media on behalf of INXS, Universal Music Group, and their long-term manager Chris Murphy’s label Petrol Records distancing themselves from the project, and pointing out the unofficial nature of the documentary.

“Universal Music Group, Petrol Records and the members of INXS have today confirmed that they were never approached for their opinion, consultation of the content, participation or comment in relation to the Michael Hutchence documentary on the Seven Network,” the statement begins.

“Publication of any image or recording concerning INXS or the band members is not an authorised publication. The band remain focused on their 40th anniversary event and their future projects.”

The documentary claims to reveal groundbreaking information regarding Hutchence’s last hours, which has no doubt rankled the family and band.

During a Q+A, producer Gareth Harvey promised, “there is one kind of bombshell in part two, which we’ll be airing, in terms of his state of mind. You know, what drove him to do whatever he did.”

Michael Hutchence: The Last Rockstar airs Monday and Tuesday 7.30pm, on Seven.