Jaxsta, the soon-to-go-live music information superhighway, has struck a partnership with Universal Music Group that enables the Australian company to access data on all UMG’s artists around the globe.

Conceived in 2013 as a central database for all-things music, a sort of IMDB for the music world, Jaxsta and its team, led by its CEO and co-founder Jacqui Louez Schoorl, has been quietly prepping the platform for a full commercial launch sometime this year.

The company finished 2018 with a bang by officially listing on the Australian Securities Exchange under the code JXT and, at the time, boasting 26 data-sharing agreements, including Sony Music and the Grammys.

jaxsta logo

By tying up a data partnership with the world’s biggest music company, Jaxsta users can, in time, take a magical mystery tour into the origins of thousands of Universal artists and countless recordings. So, if you’re hankering for the songwriting credits for Powderfinger’s Internationalist, go deep. Or the production team behind Amy Winehouse’s debut Frank. It’s a potentially deep well.

Jaxsta raised more than $5 million with its IPO, with a view to signing additional data partners, improve its platform, and pursue a full commercial launch. The company currently has a market cap of $39.26 million and, in a presentation to investors earlier this week, pitches itself as “the most comprehensive official music credits provider of its kind.”

The company has now raised more than $6.24 million since inception and will have a subscription model at launch.

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