For those who love the physical aspect of music, and the ability to pore over an album’s liner notes and credits, taking in all the technical information, the digital media revolution has taken away a lot of the fun associated with music. Thankfully Aussie music company Jaxsta has stepped in to fill that void left by digital music. Now, their work is being recognised by the Recording Academy, the folks behind the Grammys.

Jaxsta aims to serve as a one-stop credit roll for the music industry, providing everyone with the ability to learn all the appropriate details in terms of production and performance, making sure credit is given where credit is due. With a team of seasoned industry vets tackling the hard work behind the scenes, you can be sire this data is not only going to be accurate, but also invaluable to industry figures, and casual music fans.

Jaxsta has today announced a data partnership with the Recording Academy, the organisation that produces the Grammy Awards. In case you aren’t aware of the magnitude of this partnership, this is the first time in the Grammys’ 59 year history that the offical winner and nominee data has been shared with a third party. For an Aussie music company to be granted this honour, well, that’s a pretty big deal.

Jaxsta is set to host all the data pertaining to the offical Grammy winners and nominees, including data stretching back over the 59 year history of the award.